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  • Python Crash Course. A fantastic, project-based approach to learning Python. If you’re new to programming or Python, this is my top pick. The author’s writing is informative and friendly. He takes time to explain what every line of code is doing walks through building multiple projects with Python, including a short Django app at the end.

  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Also available for (free online), a well-written introduction to Python and multiple real-world projects where you can use it.

  • Effective Python. A series of Python best-practices from a senior engineer at Google. This book will help take your Python to the intermediate/advanced stage.

  • Fluent Python. A wonderful, rich overview of Python in all its glory. It assumes previous Python or other programming experience, which is why it’s recommended last. But an outstanding book; if you read it cover-to-cover you’ll know most of what Python can really do.